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A collection of science projects, videos and experiments for various grades and topics. Here we look at blood types.

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Science Projects or Science Experiments: Grades 5 & 6

Blood Types - ABO

Human Blood Types
Human blood types are broken down into four basic groups of A, B, AB and O, as well as Rh factors of + and -. Which blood types are compatible with each other and which are the most common? How does the blood center know when and where your blood type is most needed?

Blood Types: ABO and Rh (with donuts and sprinkles!)
Blood types explained using genes. Universal donors and recipients Antigens, antibodies, transfusions, genetics and… donuts? Of course! Blood typing simplified with sprinkles on top!

Blood Types
This video explains the importance of blood types in blood transfusions. It starts with a brief discussion of blood antigens and antibodies. It describes how the ABO differs from the Rh blood type. It shows you how to solve simple genetic problems using Punnett squares. It then talks about the percentage distribution of the different types and the problems that may result during pregnancy.

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