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Science Projects or Science Experiments
Grade 4

Science Experiment: Shapes of matter: Solids, Liquids and Gases

Things needed:
1. A round plastic glass
2. A clear square carton
3. A balloon or paper bag

Step 1: Put a marble in a round plastic glass.
What shape is the marble?

Step 2: Put the marble in a square carton.
What shape is the marble?

Step 3: Pour some water into the round plastic glass.
What shape is the water?

Step 4: Pour some water into the square carton.
What shape is the water?

Step 5: Blow up a balloon or a paper bag.
What shape is the air?

Introducing solid, liquid and gas States of Matter - Science Theater
Sure, gas-liquid-solid... you've seen it all before, but have you seen air as a gas, air as a liquid, and air as a solid? Dr. Carlson explains the three most common states of matter and shows off how to make a snow cone out of Nitrogen gas.

The States of Matter Song
An awesome song about the states of matter!
HowStuffWorks - States of Matter Gases

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