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Fun Science Experiments : How to Make a Cloud in a Bottle
Making a cloud in a bottle requires moistening the inside of a juice bottle with water, inserting a bit of smoke into the bottle using a freshly blown out match and pumping in air with a bicycle pump. Create a cloud in a bottle to understand how moisture and warm air interact with a demonstration from a science teacher in this free video on science.
Cloud in a Bottle - Cool Science Experiment
Have you ever wondered how clouds form? Clouds are formed when water vapor is cooled enough to form tiny water droplets. This is exactly what happens when moist air rises in the atmosphere, cools, and water droplets form into clouds. Making your own cloud is a popular experiment in many science books, but you should know that the results are not very striking. Yes, you'll see a very faint cloud (very faint), but it's a little tricky.

Cloud in a Bottle
Short experiment demonstrating how a cloud forms by using compression and decompression.

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