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Static Electricity Experiments

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Grades 3 & 4

Science Experiment: Static Electricity

Things needed:
1. A piece of woollen cloth
2. A rubber or plastic comb

Step 1: Rub the comb with the wool
Step 2: Turn on the faucet gently so that a very thin stream of water is flowing
Step 3: Hold the charged comb close to the stream of water

What happens to the water?

Bill Nye The Science Guy on Static Electricity
The clue: Bill in the Lab with the van de Graaff generator. This bit rocks. It's that fundamental idea that if opposites attract, likes repel, from the floor right through the hairs on a head. You'll get a charge out of this bit.
Static Balloon Experiment
Bill Nye the Science Guy uses a balloon hanging from a string in this Static Electricity Science
Balloon and hair

Bending Water Experiment
Explore the world of static electricity and make the water in your faucet bend
Static Electricity
Fun with Science
See what 500,000 volts of static can do.
This experiment uses a van De Graaff electrostatic generator. Electrostatic Soap Bubble Science Experiment
A fun electrostatic science experiment to play with involving soap bubbles and the triboelectric effect. It also is a very simple way to very effectively demonstrate a Faraday cage. This includes an explanation of how/why it works.

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