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Heat and Temperature

Eureka! Episode 16 - Molecules in Solids
This program defines the three states of matter, and illustrates the lattice-work pattern of molecules in solids. Viewers learn the origin of the word "molecule."
Eureka! Episode 17 - Molecules in Liquid
As molecules in a solid get hotter, they vibrate faster and faster and eventually slip out of their lattice-work pattern. When this occurs, the substance melts, changing from a solid to a liquid state.

Eureka! Episode 18 - Evaporation and Condensation
A goldfish bowl filled with water demonstrates the process of evaporation, in which speeding molecules escape from a liquid to form a gas.
Eureka! Episode 19 - Expansion and Contraction
Using balloons to illustrate the process, Eureka! shows how, when matter gets hot, its molecules go faster and the solid, liquid, or gas expands. Conversely, when matter gets cold, its molecules go slower, and the solid, liquid, or gas contracts

Eureka! Episode 20 - Measuring Temperature
Eureka! shows viewers how Swedish scientist Anders Celsius invented the Celsius thermometer, using the expansion of mercury as a measure of temperature

Eureka! Episode 21 - Temperature vs. Heat
Eureka! explains that heat refers to quantity of hotness, and is determined by the mass and speed of molecules. This program demonstrates that a bucket of water at a temperature of 50C contains more heat than a cup of water at 100C.

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