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Science Projects or Science Experiments: Grades 4 & 5

Force and Energy

Eureka! Episode 6 - Gravity
Isaac Newton's celebrated falling apple is cited to explain the force of gravity and the unit with which the force of gravity is measured. Concept: Force of gravity = mass x 10m/s2
Eureka! Episode 7 - Weight vs. Mass
Eureka! explains the difference between weight and mass, and shows how only mass is the same on the moon and on the earth.

Eureka! Episode 8 - Work
A circus strongman and a clown help present the physics definition of work. Concept: Work = force x distance.
Eureka! Episode 9 - Kinetic Energy
Animated billiard balls help demonstrate kinetic energy - the energy of motion.
Eureka! Episode 10 - Potential Energy
A rock teetering on the edge of a cliff is shown to have potential energy - the energy of position.

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