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Make a Magnet

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Grades 3 & 4

Science Experiment: Make a Magnet

Things needed:
1. Some iron filings
2. A bar magnet
3. A large iron nail

Step 1: Sprinkle some iron filings on a piece of paper
Step 2: Touch them with the nail

Is there any magnetism in the nail?

Step 3: Now take the magnet and rub one end of it along the nail. Rub always in the same direction, gently and slowly for about 20 times
Step 4: Touch the nail to the iron filings

Is the nail now magnetized?
How do you know?
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Magnetism pt 1/3
Will it stick?
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Magnetism pt 2/3

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Magnetism pt 3/3
Physics - Magnetism: Magnetic Materials
This lesson examines the properties of magnetic materials and shows how a magnetic material can be magnetized.

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