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IGCSE Physics Lessons
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A series of free GCSE/IGCSE Physics Notes and Lessons.

The following diagram gives the formula for moments: moment = force × perpendicular distance from the pivot.

Moment formula

Describe what is meant by a moment.
How to calculate moments using the perpendicular distance?

Balanced Moments
Describe what is meant by a balanced moment.
How to use the idea of balanced moments to calculate either the force or the distance from the pivot.
Use the idea of moments to explain why unbalanced objects topple.
1. Person B is applying a force of 350N and is 0.76m from the pivot. Person A is applying a force of 500N. Calculate the distance that person A must sit from the pivot for the seesaw to be balanced.
2. The crane is used to lift a load which is 30 m from the pivot. The downward force applied by the load is 5000N. Calculate the downward force applied by the counterweight which is 10 m from the pivot.

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