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Speed and Velocity

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IGCSE Physics Lessons
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A series of free GCSE/IGCSE Physics Notes and Lessons.

Describe the difference between distance and displacement.
What is meant by speed.
How to calculate speed?
How to calculate distance travelled?

Describe what is meant by velocity?
Explain why velocity is a vector quantity.
How to calculate velocity?
Explain why motion in a circle involves constant speed but changing velocity.
Distance and Displacement, Speed and Velocity
1. A girl walks 210m in two minutes. Calculate her average speed.
2. A cyclist travels at an average speed of 6m/s for 2 hours. Calculate the distance she covers in this time.
3. The maximum speed limit on UK roads is 70 miles per hour.
a) Show that a car which is travelling at this speed will cover a distance of just over 30 metres per second.
b) How long does it take for a car travelling at this speed to cover a distance of 100m?
4. A driver travels 10km in 15 minutes, stops for a 15 minute break, then travels as additional 60km in 45 minutes. Calculate his average speed for:
a) the first 15 minutes of his journey.
b) the last 45 minutes of his journey.
c) the entire journey.

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