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Work done and Energy Transfer

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The following diagram gives the formula for work done, force and distance.

Work Done Formula

Work done and Energy Transfer
Describe what is meant by work done.
How to calculate work done by a force moving an object?
How work done is a form of energy transfer?

Work done and energy transfer
When a force causes an object to move through a distance, work is done on the object.
We say that the force has done work on the object.
The amount of work done on the object is equal to the amount of energy transferred to it.
1. A man applies a force of 700N to a crate and pushes it through a distance of 200 cm. Calculate the amount of work done by the man.
2. Another man pushes a crate as shown with a force of 550N and does 2.2kJ of work.
a) Through what distance does he push the crate?
b) The box does not speed up or slow down during this time. What happens to the energy transferred by the man?

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