Phonic Sounds - ch, sh, th, wh, ph

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In this lesson, we will learn the phonic sounds -ch, sh, th, wh and ph.

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ch - Phonics - chin, chuck, chop

Letterland Spelling Tip: 'ch' sound

sh - Phonics - shop, shut, ship

Letterland Spelling Tip - 'sh' sound

th - Phonics - thick, thin, thirsty / this, then, with
The two sounds made by the TH.
One is soft like in the word think. One is spoken like in the word this

Hooked on Phonics, First Grade Lesson 2
Read words that start with th

wh - Phonics - where, when, white

wh - whisk, white, wheel, whisper, whenever, whistle, whale, why, where, which, what

ph words - Phonics - phone, sphere, dolphin

Between the Lions: The "ph" Song (Phish Tribute)
Sounds like an "F" but it's a 'PH'

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