Introduction to Probability

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These lessons on probability will include the following topics: Samples in probability, Probability of events, Theoretical probability, Experimental probability, Probability problems, Tree diagrams, Mutually exclusive events, Independent events, Dependent events, Factorial, Permutations, Combinations, Probability in Statistics, Probability and Combinatorics.

What is Probability?

Probability is the study of chance or the likelihood of an event happening. Directly or indirectly, probability plays a role in all activities.

For example, we may say that it will probably rain today because most of the days we have observed were rainy days. However, in mathematics, we would require a more accurate way of measuring probability.

Samples in Probability Probability of an Event
Theoretical Probability and Experimental Probability Complementary Events
Probability Problems Probability and Area
Geometric Probability Coin or Dice Probability Using A Tree Diagram
More Tree Diagrams Probability Diagrams or Possibility Diagrams
Mutually Exclusive Events ("Or" events) Independent Events ("And" events)
Dependent Events ("And" events without replacement) Conditional Probability
Probability Tree Diagrams Probability Without Replacement (using probability tree diagrams)
Factorial Permutations P(n, n)
Permutations P(n, r ) Combinations
Probability with Statistics

Probability lessons Probability scale, Expected frequency, Bags of balls, Mutually exclusive events, Possibility space diagrams, Independent events, Balls in bag problems with two picks, Tree diagrams, Without replacement problems


Probability used in Statistics

Random Variable Probability Density Functions
Binomial Distribution Expected Value
Poisson Distribution Normal Distribution
Z-Score Bayes' Theorem

Probability and Combinatorics Videos

Introduction to Probability I Introduction to Probability II
Fundamental Counting Principles Permutations I
Permutations II Permutations III
Combinations I Combinations II
Permutations and Combinations Probability of Multiple Events
Probability of Independent Events Probability of Dependent Events
Probability of Complementary Events Conditional Probability I
Conditional Probability II Conditional Probability III
Pascal's Triangle and the Binomial Theorem Binomial Theorem I
Binomial Theorem II  


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