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Conditional Probability

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Examples, videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help students learn about conditional probability.

How to determine conditional probability using a tree diagram or a table?

Conditional Probability
This video explains how to determine conditional probability.
Conditional Probability
Brief introduction to Conditional Probability
What is the probability of an event A given that event B has occurred? We call this conditional probability, and it is governed by the formula that P(A|B) which reads "probability of A given B" is equal to the P(A intersect B)/P(B).

Conditional Probability Tree Diagram
Assume that 75% of the AP Stats students studied for the test. If 40% of those who studied got an A, but only 10% of those who don't study get an A. What is the probability that someone who gets an A actually studied for the test?
Conditional Probability 6x6 Table

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