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Probability of Dependent Events

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Videos, worksheets, solutions, and activities to help Algebra II students learn about the probability of dependent events.

Probability of Dependent Events :
When calculating the probability of multiple events, we must determine if the events are dependent or independent of one another. When calculating the probability of dependent events we must take into account the effect of one event on the other. An example of calculating the probability of dependent events is the probability of drawing two specific cards in a row with the second card being drawn from a smaller deck.

How to find the probability of dependent events.
Calculating Probability - " And " statements, Dependent

Probability of Dependent Events
Probability of Dependent Events
Students learn that two events are dependent if the outcome of the first event affects the outcome of the second event.

How do you calculate probability of two dependent events?
Probability of Dependent Events
A card game using 36 unique cards: four suits (diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades) with cards numbered from 1 to 9 in each suit. A hand is a collection of 9 cards, which can be sorted however the player chooses. What is the probability of getting all four of the 1's?<

Probability of Dependent Events
A club of 9 people wants to choose a board of 3 officers: President, Vice-President and Secretary. Assuming that the officers are chosen at random, what is the probability that the officers are Marsha for President, Sabita for Vice-President and Robert for Secretary?

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