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Our compilation of Free Online Science Games available on the Internet. Play games that teach, build or strengthen your skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

Science Games (Year 3 to Year 6)

Science: Living Things

Food Chains
Find the top of the food chain for land and sea

Human Life Cycle
Mr Flatley's taken anti-ageing potion and the human life cycle has been reversed! Get him back to normal before the school parents evening.

The UK is in the grip of a super-flu outbreak! Find a way to stop the snot in this MI High microorganism game!

Plants and Animals Habitats
Find the most suitable habitat for the aliens.

Plant Life Cycles
Help to stop the dangerous Hogweed plant from spreading.

Sarah Jane has been kidnapped by the Blathereen! Help grow the Rakweed to win her freedom in this plants game!

Skeletons and Muscles
Arrange the skeletons for the given animals

Teeth and Eating
Look at the different types of teeth to determine the diet.

Play the variation game and sort these Deadly 60 animals into the different groups, based on their characteristics.

Science: Materials

Changes in Materials
Distinguish between reversible and irreversible changes.
Use your knowledge of reversible and irreversible changes to solve the clues

Changing States
Changing between the three states of matter – solid, liquid, gas.
Heat and cool water to help Deadly 60's Steve survive in the Arctic.

Characteristics of Materials
Experiments to test the characteristics of different materials.

Keeping Warm
Find the material that is the best thermal insulator.

Reversible and Irreversible Changes
Which changes are reversible and which are irreversible? See if you can tell.

Rocks and Soils
Test the different characteristics of various rocks.

Solids and Liquids
Find the melting and freezing point of materials.
Test the different characteristics of various solids and liquids.

Science: Physical Processes

Changing Circuits
See what happens when you make changes to the circuit.

Changing Sounds
Make some noise! Can you change the pitch and volume?

Circuits and Conductors
Test out conductors and insulators

Earth, Sun and Moon
See how the earth and the moon move around the sun

Forces in Action
How does changing the gradient affect the car's speed?

How does friction affect the speed?

How we see things
Mirrors reflect light. See if you can angle them correctly.

Light and Dark
Find out about light and reflection.

Light and Shadow
Find out about light and reflection.

Magnets and Springs
See what materials magnets attract.

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