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Our collection of Escape Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

Escape Games with Walkthroughs

Easy Escape Games

Head-Fi is a short and easy Room Escape game created by FreakinRooms. Your goal here is to find 4 headphones before you can leave the room. Note that the inventory is draggable and that you can move it anywhere you want.

Head-Fi 2
Head-Fi 2 is the sequel to Head-Fi, a game released by FreakinRooms. Your goal here is to “find all four of the headphone amplifiers and put them in place before you can leave the room”.

TLFMER or The Little Fast Made Escape Room is a Room Escape game, created by FreakinRoom, the author of Head-Fi and Head-Fi 2.

Sequel to TLFMER or The Little Fast Made Escape Room, created by FreakinRoom, the author of Head-Fi and Head-Fi 2.

Third part of the TLFMER series.

Green Mirrors Game
You are trapped in a Room and the door is locked. To open it, collect all the green mirrors hidden in the room and use them to light the four crystals.

Yellow Blocks Escape Game
You are locked in some kind of weird yellow room. Find all the yellow blocks and use them to get out!

Medium Escape Game

Escape Polleke’s Garden
Find and use items in the room to be able to escape from the garden.

Polleke’s Room Escape 1
After you escaped from the Polleke’s Garden, you weren’t really free! You still have to escape from the pinky Polleke’s Room

Polleke’s Room Escape II
Sequel to Polleke’s Room Escape 1

Polleke’s Blue Room Escape
Search the blue room, find items and hints and use them to get out of the room.

Octopussie Escape Game
Play Octopussie Escape Game and try to escape from the locked room, your only companion is a octopussie. Look around for items and objects to aid in your escape from the locked room.

Mountain Lodge Escape Game
Play Mountain Lodge Escape Game and help Allen and Chester escape after a heavy snow landslide blocked them in their hotel lodge. Try to get both of them to safety using what little leftover food rations you have.

Hard Escape Games

Escape Library
You are trapped in a library and your main goal is to find several chips hidden in the room. Once you get all of them, you’ll need to find the best way to use them! Nicely done and very fun to play, Escape Library features very logical puzzles; a few useful items are very well hidden: check the library and every item in your inventory very closely!

Escape Pink Room
You are trapped in a pink baby bedroom today, and once again, you will find a lot of items in this game, and not all of them are useful. Your inventory can only contain a limited number of items, so pick them wisely. Escape Pink Room is as good as Escape Library, and features new logical puzzles, including Sudoku. Check the Pink Room and every item closely.

Escape Green Room
Your best friend locked you in his room because you think you can escape any room. If you think you have the skills to escape the green room then play your buddy’s game!

Escape Orange Room
This letter is from Barbie. “Yesterday, you offered me your hand in marriage. I need a dependable and clever man in my life, so escape my room to see if you are that man. “

Escape Turquoise Room
You are trapped by Turquoise colors. You must find clues and escape the Turquoise room!

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