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Our collection of Free Online Memory Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

Kids Memory Games

In sketch you draw the same object that was shown using your memory and red pins. Use the red pins to replicate object vertices. Take your time and draw carefully!

Cookies Sequence
Pay attention to the order of cookies shown to you, and then repeat the pattern to win the round. The more you remember, the higher your score will be.

Where is the Ball?
Challenge your memory and eye coordination. Carefully watch the cup with the ball beneath it while they shuffle. After they shuffle, pick the correct cup to level up.

Magic Show
Where’d the rabbit go? Test your skills in this fun memory game. As the rabbit hides under a magic hat, keep an eye on him and remember which hat as they quickly move around the table.

Color Memory
Are you ready for the ultimate memory game? In this challenging game of skill, you must remember the sequence of lights and tones. As you advance, the sequence gets even more complex. Do your best to earn the highest score!

Memory Card Matching Games

Funny Animals
Ready to test your memory skills? In this fun matching game, match the funny animals as you turn over cards one by one. You can choose your level of difficulty. For a super challenge, choose 12 animals!

Animal Memory Game
Test your memory as you match the cute and colorful animals behind the cards. Play all 8 levels.

Sweety Memory
Turn two cards over and look for a match. If they don’t match, try again until you find a match. Hurry up, time is running out!

Match the Patterns or Sequences

Pi Runner
Pi Runner is a memory game where you have to recall successive digits of the mathematical constant Pi. Stop the croc from falling through the bridge by typing the digits before he steps on the empty box! Improve your memory and impress your friends with your knowledge of Pi digits!

Brain Follow
Challenge your brain and memory skills to the max, by following the brain creature’s path. Do not stray off the path or you will fall into the pit of despair.

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