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Our collection of Free Online Memory Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

Kids Memory Games

The Incredibles' Mega Memory game:
Match the cards before time runs out to move to the next level. Based on the movie "The Incredibles"

Rufus Recall
Rufus needs help to practice his memory skills.

Ocean Match
Memory matching game with an ocean theme.

In sketch you draw the same object that was shown using your memory and red pins. Use the red pins to replicate object vertices. Take your time and draw carefully!

Animal Dance
Test your memory, remember the sequence, execute them when it s your turn.

With two level of difficulty, test your eyesight and memory here

Mission Memory
Watch where the creatures pop out of and click the tree stumps in the same order

FoxieFox’s Memory Gem
FoxieFox’s Memory Gem is a mini game is made especially for Trickster Online MMOG fans. It is basically a memory game where players are given 8 seconds to memorized all the gemstones and then, later click and find the pair.

School Supply Snap
You run a School Supply Shop and kids will be coming over to buy some supplies. It's up to you find it and get it.

Memory Card Matching Games

Smiley Memory
Find all the pairs of matching smilies in this challenging action puzzler based on the classic Memory game! Keep an eye on the time, and don t make too many mistakes, or the smilies will start to move around. Try to complete all 25 levels in each of the 4 difficulties!

Quick Pic
A very fast paced but enjoyable memory game

Flip the Cards
Use your visual perception and memory to match the pairs of cards.

Memory Sharp
Brain Game to increase your Memory Power

Match Me
Put your brain to the test with this fun, colorful card matching game. Match Me is a memory game consisting of 6 rows of 6 cards totaling 36 cards altogether featuring an aquatic theme. The 36 cards are split into pairs, so there are 18 pairs in the deck. Test your skills and see if you can beat the clock and discover all 18 pairs before time runs out.

Holiday Memory
A game matching tiles of Christmas delight.

A basic game of Memory

Match the Patterns or Sequences

Pi Runner
Pi Runner is a memory game where you have to recall successive digits of the mathematical constant Pi. Stop the croc from falling through the bridge by typing the digits before he steps on the empty box! Improve your memory and impress your friends with your knowledge of Pi digits!

Numeric Memory
The numbers appears on the screen for 1 second. When it disappear, click them in ascending order. The difficulty increases at each level.

Math-Attack II
Find the couples between numbers and operations. Prove your mind with this game. You need to be fast and smart to beat the time!

Round Table
This is a game where you have to use memory and logic to beat your opponent. The table is split up in segments. Marbles are hidden under each segment, and each segment has a symbol on it. Click on a segment to pick up a marble, you can only click on segments that are fully on your side of the table. After you have made your choice, the computer makes a choice and after that the table turns.

Brain Follow
Challenge your brain and memory skills to the max, by following the brain creature's path. Do not stray off the path or you will fall into the pit of despair.

The Timewaster Ultra
40 unique tests that will challenge your reactions, creativity and short term memory. Instructions Simply press the buttons in the sequence that is requested at the start of the level. Do not be fooled by the in-game trickery.

Put your memory to the test. Smooth little game to keep your memory sharp. Have fun playing in 8 different ambiances. Instructions Simply click on the objects in the right order to recreate the series you see.

Photographic Memory
Photographic Memory, do you have it? Check it out on this innovative game, Every level you get just a couple of seconds to look at an arrangement of figures, Then you get exactly 10 seconds to arrange another set of identical figures in the same way and in exactly the same positions. Based on your performance you are given points out of 10 thousand on each level. Lets see how many can reach the Great 1 million level.

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