Free Online Geography Games

Come and browse around our collection of Free Online Geography Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the games you are looking for.

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Map Games

50 States of America
Learn the locations of the 50 states of America.

50 State Capitals of America
Match the capitals to the 50 states of America.

Penguin Hop
Penguin Hop is a multi-player game for practicing states and capital cities. The target word appears under the penguin, with the states in the form of icebergs that float to the penguin. Students must jump on the state that matches the given capital city. If you jump towards the wrong state, your penguin will fall into the icy ocean. Hits and misses are recorded for learning feedback. Whoever reaches land first wins! 1-4 players can play at once.

Globe Game - World Geography
Locate countries and places in the world.

Put your geography skills to the test with Mapmaking. Place states and provinces into countries and countries into continents as you play this online game designed to boost your knowledge of the globe. Select a map, and then drag the states or countries into the correct position. If you miss, the map will provide a helpful hint. So, where in the world are Parayan and Jumla? Choose one of the 17 maps in Mapmaking and find out!

Country Toad
Country Toad provides practice in learning countries and their capital cities. The target word appears under the toad, with the countries in the form of lilly pads that float to the toad. You must jump on the country that matches the given capital city. If you jump towards the wrong country, your toad will fall into the lake. Hits and misses are recorded for learning feedback.

South America Geography Game
Locate the countries in South America.

Central America Geography Game
Locate the countries in Central America

Canada Geography Games
Locate the states in Canada

Europe Geography Game
Locate the countries of Europe on the map.

Australia Geography Game
Locate the states in Australia

Africa Geography Game
Locate all the countries in Africa on the map.

Middle East and South Asia Geography Game
Locate the countries in the Middle East and South Asia on the map.

GlobeTrotter Game
Play GlobeTrotter Game and brush up on your geography skills by using your map marker to quickly find the city before the time runs out. Points are awarded on how close your marker is to the actual city location.

Test your geosmarts and become a GeoSpy agent by identifying states, provinces, countries, and continents.

Map It
Use the map to find any location you would like to find. Enter any location (street address, city, state, country, continent) and hit enter to find it on the map! This will help in practicing geography.

Adventure Games & Quizzes

Crittercam: African Adventure
National Geographic’s Wild Chronicles team needs your help to record video footage from the Crittercam collars worn by the lions in northern Kenya.

Crittercam: Antarctic Adventure
Zip between the ice floes to locate Crittercam-carrying leopard seals.

Go West with Lewis and Clark
Go West across America with Lewis and Clark, the pioneers of an unknown continent.

Brainteaser: Grand Canyon
Take our Brainteaser quiz and find out how much you know about this popular park.

Grand Canyon National Park Kid’s Guide

Brainteaser: Inca
Prove what you know about the Inca civilization.

Brainteaser: Tornado
Test your twister smarts.

Quiz Your Noodle: GeoFacts
Are you a brainiac when it comes to geography? See if you can ace this quiz!

World Copycat
Can you remember the sequence of continents? Play the World Copycat and challenge you memory.

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