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Our compilation of Free Puzzle Games available on the Internet - games that teach, build or strengthen some math skills and concepts while having fun. We categorize and review the games listed here to help you find the math games you are looking for.


Tetris Game is a puzzle with shapes, each consisting of several squares, which are falling down a well. By turning and moving the shapes, try to arrange them in a line. When a line of squares is formed, it disappears and all the pieces move down by a square. The goal is to try to prevent the well from filling up.

Classic Tetris

MiniClip Tetris
MiniClip version of Classic Tetris that allows you to adjust the level of difficulty.

Neave Tetris
Enjoy the classic Tetris from Neave.

Tetris 2D
A classic Tetris game 2D for hours of fun.

Flash Tetris
Drop down blocks in this classic Tetris game and score as many points as possible.

Tetris with a Difference

Cherry Bomb Tetris
An exploding Tetris game. Arrange the falling boxes so that they from a line. Watch out for Firecrackers, Rockets and Cherry Bombs.

Anti-Tetris Game
The goal of the game is to use the blocks to fill up the space below the red line. Unlike the regular Tetris game where you try to eliminate blocks, in this game you try to prevent them from being eliminated.

Tetris 7
Classic Tetris game with 7 new pieces! It's now really harder, and absolutely impossible to stay alive for a long time :) Have fun in this new competition!

Double Tetris. Pieces on both sides move together. Can you find the ideal spot for both?

Tetris Hold’em
Tetris with Poker Rules

Tetris Three Seven
The game is like tetris (in the idea that there are blocks and they fall), but a little bit more interesting. The goal is to line up 3 blocks vertically or horizontally whose sum is equal to 7, OR 3 numbers that are all 7.

Tetris with Different Themes

Choco Tetris
A yummy version of the classic Tetris puzzle game!

Candy Tetris
Play Tetris with a candy theme.

Mario Tetris 3
Tetris with a Super Mario theme.

Space Blocks
Tetris with a space theme.

Tetris with Multiplayer Mode

Arix Tetris
Arix is a game inspired by the classical Tetris game. Two players can play against one another on the same computer. In 2-players mode, when you clear at least 2 lines simultaneously you can launch an attack on your opponent.

The multiplayer version of the famous Tetris game. Be faster than your opponent. You can also choose different shapes.

Tetris (1 2 Players)
Play Tetris with one or two players.

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