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Multi-Step Inequalities

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In this lesson, we will learn
  • how to solve multi-step inequalities
  • how to solve multi-step inequalities with variables on both sides
  • how to solve multi-step inequalities involving the distributive property

Solving and Graphing Multistep Inequalities

Sometimes we get more complex inequalities that take more than one step to solve. Solving multi step inequalities involves both solving inequalities using addition and solving inequalities using multiplication. Many of the techniques are similar to those learned when solving multi-step equations. Solving multi-step inequalities is done in many solving compound inequalities.

Solving Multi-Step Inequalities
Solve and Graph Multi-Step Inequalities

Solve a Multiple Step Linear Inequality (Variable Both Sides)

This video provides an example of solving multiple step linear inequalities in one variable with variables on both sides. The solution is also written using interval notation.
Solving Multi-Step Equations with Variables on Both Sides

Solving Inequalities Involving the Distributive Property

This video shows how to solve inequalities involving the distributive property. Solving Multi-Step Inequalities
This video looks at solving multi-step inequalities. It includes six examples.

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