Graphs and Functions

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In this lesson, we will learn

  • how to plot points on the coordinate plane and name the quadrants
  • how to interpret graphs in real life situations

Plotting Points and Naming Quadrants
As we learn how to graph, we will need a thorough knowledge of the fundamentals of graphing: plotting points and identifying coordinates. One of the most important things to know is the terminology of what we call the Cartesian coordinate system, or an xy graph. Plotting points will be useful when we start to interpret graphs and graph lines using a table of values.

Plotting points on the Coordinate Plane

Examples to determine which quadrant a point lies including example of points that lie on an axis.

Interpreting Graphs
It’s important to learn about interpreting graphs so that we can understand graphing which is a fundamental part of Algebra and later math courses. Interpreting graphs involves understanding what the shape of a curve represents in real life situations. We should also understand what slope means and how to interpret what a high or low slope value represents. An understanding of plotting points is also important.

Interpreting Graphs of real life situations

Lesson on Interpreting Graphs

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