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Mathematics Lessons - 12 (Arithmetic Review For College)

This is a series of mathematics lessons that will review the important topics in arithmetics with examples and solutions.

In these lessons, we will learn ratio and proportions, solving proportions and solving word problems using proportions.

These lessons will also be useful as a pre-Algebra review.
The videos are presented by the Portland Community College.

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Math 20 - Lesson 44

Ratio and Proportion

Math 20 - Lesson 45

Solving Proportions

Math 20 - Lesson 46

Word Problems (Proportions)

1. A tree of unknown height cast a shadow 26 feet long at the same time and place that a 36 in. yardstick cast a 13 in. shadow. How high is the tree?
2. If a trucker covered 465 miles in 4.2 houre, at the same rate how long will it take to drive 706 miles?
3. A candy shop wishes to mix 100 lbs of nuts to to consists of peanuts and cashews in a ratio of 5 to 2. How much of each is to be used?
4. It is noticed that a 1.5 oz box of spice costs $1.90 whereas a 7.4 oz box costs $9.50. Which is the better buy?

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