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Proportions and Word Problems

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In this lesson, we will learn what is a proportion, how to solve proportions, and how to solve application problems using proportions.

We can find unknown quantities when we know similar ratios for comparison, using proportions. We find proportions often in word problems, for example those involving baking ingredients, and in comparing similar figures in Geometry. We can represent an unknown quantity in a proportion with a variable, and then solve it using one-step, two-step, or multi-step equation methods.

This video defines a proportion and explains how to solve a proportion. 

Solving Basic Proportions
This video provides two examples of solving for one unknown in a proportion by cross multiplying.
Solving Proportions Involving Decimals and Fractions
This video provides two examples of solving for one unknown in a proportion involving decimals and fractions by cross multiplying.

Applications of Proportions
This video provides several application problems that can be solved using proportions.
Applications Using Proportions
This video provides 3 example application problems that are solved using proportions.

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