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Printable “Subtraction” worksheets:
Take from 10 Strategy
Subtract 1-digit from Whole Ten (eg. 60 - 8)
Subtract 1-digit from 2-digit (eg. 84 - 6)
Subtract 1-digit from 3-digit (eg. 213 - 8)

Subtract 2-digit from 2-digit (eg. 84 - 56)
Subtract 2-digit from 3-digit (eg. 134 - 52)
Subtraction across zeros (eg. 400 - 265)
Subtract 3-digit from 3-digit (eg. 391 - 225)
Arrow Subtraction (eg. 650 - 480)

Arrow Subtraction Worksheets

Grade 2 Worksheets
How to use the arrow way for subtraction:

  1. Draw an arrow from the minuend.
  2. Break down the subtrahend into smaller chunks (usually hundreds, tens and ones) and subtract them in steps. Write the difference of each chunk after the arrow, showing the progression of the subtraction.
  3. Work your way through the chunks of the subtrahend, subtracting them and writing the intermediate difference after the arrow.
  4. The last number written after the arrow represents the difference of the two original numbers.

Key Points:

  • This method visually demonstrates the step-by-step process of addition, making it easier to grasp and remember.
  • It’s particularly helpful for larger numbers or those involving multiple digits.
  • It encourages breaking down numbers into smaller, more manageable parts, promoting a deeper understanding of place value.

Have a look at this video if you need to learn how to subtract using the arrow method.

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Arrow Subtraction Worksheet for Second Grade

More Arrow Subtraction Worksheets

(Answers on the second page.)
Arrow Subtraction Worksheet #1
Arrow Subtraction Worksheet #2

Arrow Subtraction Lessons

Subtract the Arrow Way

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Add/Subtract Word Problems

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More Printable Worksheets

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