2nd-grade Word Problem Worksheets

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Printable Word Problem Worksheets for 2nd Grade:
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2nd-grade Word Problems
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2nd-grade Word Problem Worksheets

Using tape diagrams, also known as bar models, can be a helpful visual tool for solving word problems. Tape diagrams help students represent quantities and relationships between them.

How to solve word problems using tape diagrams:

  1. Read the Word Problem
    Carefully read the word problem to understand the scenario and identify the key information.
    Step 2: Identify the Unknown
    Determine what the problem is asking you to find. This is can be the whole or part of a whole.
    Step 3: Draw the Tape Diagram
    Draw a rectangular tape diagram to represent the quantities involved in the problem. Each part of the tape represents a different quantity or group.
    Step 4: Label the Parts
    Label each part of the tape diagram with the quantities or numbers mentioned in the problem. Use labels or numbers to indicate the values. Label the unknown with a “?"
    Step 5: Add or subtract to find the unknown.

Tape diagrams are a powerful visual tool that supports students in understanding and solving word problems by breaking down information into visual representations.

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2nd-grade Word Problem worksheet for second grade

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(These worksheets are printable files with answers on the second page.)
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