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Word Problems Worksheets

Word Problems (Addition & Subtraction)
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Addition & Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets

In these free math worksheets, students learn to solve addition & subtraction word problems.

There are two sets of addition & subtraction word problems worksheets:
Word Problems Worksheets (one-step)
Word Problems Worksheets (two-step)

How to solve addition & subtraction word problems?
Solving addition and subtraction word problems involves breaking down the problem, identifying the key information, and using appropriate mathematical operations to find the solution.

Distinguishing between addition and subtraction word problems involves understanding the context of the problem and identifying key phrases or clues that indicate which operation is required. Here are some tips to help you differentiate between addition and subtraction word problems:

Addition Word Problems:

  1. Combining Quantities: Look for situations where quantities are combined or added together. Phrases like “in all,” “total,” “sum,” “together,” or “combined” often indicate addition.

Example: Sally has 5 apples, and her friend gives her 3 more apples. How many apples does Sally have in all?

  1. Grouping or Collecting: Identify scenarios where items are grouped or collected. The question often asks for the total number of items when different groups are combined.

Example: There are 2 baskets of apples. The first basket has 8 apples, and the second basket has 6 apples. How many apples are there in total?

Example: Jack has 10 toy cars, and Sarah has 7 toy cars. How many toy cars do they have together?

Subtraction Word Problems:

  1. Taking Away or Removing: Identify situations where quantities are taken away or removed. Phrases like “difference,” “how many more,” “how many fewer,” “remaining,” or “left” often indicate subtraction.

Example: There are 15 candies, and John eats 8 of them. How many candies are left?

  1. Comparing Quantities: Look for problems that involve comparing quantities and finding the difference between them. Phrases that compare two quantities suggest subtraction.

Example: Peter has 12 marbles, and Paul has 5 less marbles than Peter. How many marbles does Paul have?

  1. Missing Amounts: Identify problems where you need to find the missing amount or the remaining quantity. The question might ask about what is left after some items are taken away.

Example: Sarah had 18 balloons, but 9 of them flew away. How many balloons does she have left?

Pay attention to keywords that indicate addition or subtraction. Words like “add,” “plus,” “sum,” “total” often suggest addition, while words like “subtract,” “difference,” “how many more,” “remaining” suggest subtraction.

Consider the overall context of the problem. If the problem involves combining quantities or finding a total, it’s likely an addition problem. If the problem involves removing or comparing quantities, it’s likely a subtraction problem.

By carefully reading the word problem and recognizing these clues, you can determine whether the problem requires addition or subtraction. Practice with a variety of problems to strengthen your skills in distinguishing between the two operations.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to solve addition or subtraction word problems.

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Add Subtract Word Problems Worksheet

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Addition/Subtraction Word Problems

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