Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

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Printable “Addition/Subtraction Word Problems” Worksheets:
Subtraction Word Problems
Addition Word Problems
Addition/Subtraction Word Problems

Addition Word Problems
2nd Grade Word Problems
Add/Subtract Word Problems

Multi-digit Addition/Subtraction

Addition/Subtraction Word Problems Worksheets

In these free math worksheets, students practice how to solve addition/subtraction word problems.

How to solve addition/subtraction word problems?
Solving addition or subtraction word problems involves breaking down the information given in the problem, identifying the key elements, and performing the appropriate mathematical operations.

  1. Read and understand the problem:
    Take your time to read the entire word problem carefully.
    Identify the key information about what is being added or subtracted.
  2. Identify keywords:
    Look for keywords that indicate addition or subtraction. These can be words like:
    Addition: total, sum, combined, altogether, plus
    Subtraction: left, remaining, difference, less, minus
  3. Determine what needs to be found:
    The word problem will often ask a question. Identify what you need to solve for (e.g., the total number of apples, the remaining cookies).
  4. Assign variables:
    Sometimes, assigning letters (variables) to represent unknown quantities can be helpful. This can make the problem easier to translate mathematically.
  5. Translate the problem into a math sentence (Draw diagrams if necessary):
    Use the information you gathered to write a mathematical equation that represents the situation.
    If it’s an addition problem, the sentence will involve adding the relevant quantities.
    If it’s a subtraction problem, the sentence will show the starting quantity minus what is being taken away.
  6. Solve the math sentence:
    Once you have the equation, perform the addition or subtraction to find the answer.
  7. Check your answer:
    Briefly re-read the problem and see if your answer makes sense in the context of the scenario.

Here are some additional tips:
Pay attention to units: Make sure the units of the quantities you add or subtract are compatible (e.g., adding apples and oranges doesn’t make sense).
Draw a diagram: Sometimes, a simple drawing can help visualize the problem and make it easier to solve.
Start with simpler problems: If you’re new to word problems, practice with easier ones before tackling more complex ones.

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to solve addition/subtraction word problems.

Click on the following worksheet to get a printable pdf document.
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Addition Subtraction Word Problems Worksheet

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Multi-digit Addition Word Problems
Multi-digit Subtraction Word Problems

Multi-digit Addition (eg. 12,456 + 3,376)
Multi-digit Subtraction (eg. 32,406 - 4,375)
Multi-digit Subtraction with Zeros (eg. 40,006 - 3,214)

More Printable Worksheets

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