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Printable Addition/Subtraction Word Problem Worksheets for 1st Grade:
Subtraction Word Problems

Addition Word Problems
Addition/Subtraction Word Problems

Missing Addend Word Problems

Addition/Subtraction Word Problem Worksheets

Solving addition and subtraction word problems in grade 1 involves helping students understand the context, identify relevant information, choose appropriate operations, and perform the calculations.

  1. Read the Problem Aloud:
    Begin by reading the word problem aloud to the students. Encourage them to listen carefully and visualize the situation.
  2. Identify Key Information:
    Ask students to identify the key information in the problem. What are the numbers, objects, or quantities mentioned? Are they adding or subtracting?
  3. Use Visuals:
    Provide visual aids or drawings that represent the information in the word problem. Visuals can help students understand the scenario better.
  4. Understand the Question:
    Ensure that students understand what the problem is asking. Are they being asked to find the total, the difference, or some other information?
  5. Choose an Operation:
    Discuss with students whether the problem involves addition or subtraction. Encourage them to look for keywords like “more,” “join,” “total” for addition, and “less,” “take away,” “difference” for subtraction.
  6. Write a Number Sentence:
    Help students translate the information into a number sentence or equation. For addition, use symbols such as “+” and for subtraction, use “-”.
  7. Solve the Problem:
    Guide students through the process of solving the problem using the chosen operation. Use manipulatives, drawings, or number lines as needed.
  8. Check the Answer:
    After finding a solution, ask students to check their answer. Does it make sense in the context of the problem? Is it reasonable?

Solving addition and subtraction word problems in grade 1 involves a combination of reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, and basic arithmetic skills. By guiding students through these steps and providing regular practice, they can develop a strong foundation in problem-solving and mathematical thinking.

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Addition/Subtraction Word Problem worksheet for first grade

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Solve Addition Word Problems using Tape Diagrams
Solve Addition/Subtraction Word Problems using Tape Diagrams

Addition within 10 (eg. 3 + 5)
Addition within 20 (eg. 6 + 8)

Mixed Single Digit Addition
Missing Addend (sums < 10) (eg. __ + 5 = 7)
Missing Addend Word Problems (eg. 8 + __ = 17)

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