Statistics Lectures - 5: Variance & Percentiles

A series of free Statistics Lectures with lessons, examples & solutions in videos.

This is the fifth page of the series of free video lessons, “Statistics Lectures”. These lectures cover the concepts of variance, standard deviation, quartiles, percentiles, interquartile range and discuss the effects of outliers.

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Statistics - Lecture 11: Measures Of Dispersion: Variance And Standard Deviation Of A Population

Variance, standard deviation and interquartile range are measures of dispersion, giving a idea of how the data is spread out.

Statistics - Lecture 12: Measures Of Dispersion: Variance And Standard Deviation Of A Sample

Statistics - Lecture 13: Percentiles And Quartiles

A percentile is a value below which a certain percentage of observations lie.

Statistics - Lecture 14: The Five Number Summary, Interquartile Range (IQR) And Boxplots

The five number summary is a method of summarizing a distribution of data:

  1. Minimum
  2. First Quartile (Q1)
  3. Median
  4. Third Quartile (Q3)
  5. Maximum

Statistics - Lecture 15: The Effects Of Outliers

A look at how outliers may affect central tendency and variance.

Statistics Lecture Series - Table Of Contents

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