Statistics Lectures - 4: Central Tendency

A series of free Statistics Lectures with lessons, examples & solutions in videos.

This is the fourth page of the series of free video lessons, “Statistics Lectures”. These lectures discuss the mean, mode and median, also known as measures of central tendency.

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Statistics - Lecture 9: Arithmetic Mean For Samples And Populations

There are two types of arithmetic mean:

  • population mean and
  • sample mean.

Statistics - Lecture 10: Central Tendency: Mean, Median And Mode

Central Tendency refers to the measure used to determine the center of a distribution data. It is used to find a single score that is most representative of an entire data set.
Mean will be used for almost all occasions. However, outliers can sometimes interfere with usage of the mean.
An outlier is a value that is very different from the other data in your data set.

Statistics Lecture Series - Table Of Contents

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