Statistics Lectures - 3: Frequency Distributions And Cumulative Frequency

A series of free Statistics Lectures with lessons, examples & solutions in videos.

This is the third page of the series of free video lessons, “Statistics Lectures”. These lectures introduce frequency distributions and cumulative frequency distributions and discuss presentation of data in the form of graphs or charts.

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Statistics - Lecture 6: Frequency Distributions And Cumulative Frequency Distributions

A frequency distribution lists each measured category and the number of occurrences for each category.

Statistics - Lecture 7: Bar Graphs And Pie Charts

A bar graph lists each measured category on the horizontal axis and the number of occurrences for each category on the vertical axis.
A pie chart is a circle divided into sectors, where each sector represents a category of data that is proportional to the total amount of data collected.
A proportion is a part considered in relation to its whole.

Statistics - Lecture 8: Histograms And Stem & Leaf Plots

Discrete histograms are created when dealing with discrete values on the horizontal axis, while continuous histograms are created when dealing with continuous values on the horizontal axis.

Statistics Lecture Series - Table Of Contents

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