Statistics Lectures - 10: Discrete & Continuous Random Variable

A series of free Statistics Lectures with lessons, examples & solutions in videos.

This is the tenth page of the series of free video lessons, “Statistics Lectures”. These lectures cover the concepts of discrete and continuous random variables and discuss probability distributions.

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Statistics - Lecture 26: Discrete and Continuous Random Variables

A random variable is variable which has its value determined by a probability experiment.
A discrete random variable is a random variable which has a finite number of values.
A continuous random variable is a random variable which has an infinite number of values.

Statistics - Lecture 27: Discrete Probability Distributions

Statistics - Lecture 28: Probability Histograms

A probability histogram is a histogram with possible values on the x-axis, and probabilities on the y-axis.

Statistics - Lecture 29: Mean and Expected Value of Discrete Random Variables & Law of Large Numbers

Statistics - Lecture 30: Variance And Standard Deviation Of Discrete Random Variables

Statistics Lecture Series - Table Of Contents

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