Nets Of 3d Shapes - Animations

These animations allow you to explore how nets of 3D shapes work:

  • how 3D shapes unfold into nets,
  • how nets fold into the corresponding 3D solids,
  • what nets of common geometric solids look like.

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Nets Of A Solid - Animations

Demonstrations showing how some shapes are made up from their nets.
Show how the net of a cube folds to form the cube. (all the 11 possible nets of a cube are shown)

Show how the net of a cylinder folds to form the cylinder.

Show how the net of a cone folds to form the cone.

Show how the net of a tetrahedron folds to form a tetrahedron.

For video lessons on how 3D shapes unfold into nets and how nets fold to form geometric solids, see: Nets of Solids - Video Lessons.

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