Common Core Algebra 2 Math (Worksheets, Homework, Lesson Plans)

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Common Core Math Resources, Lesson Plans & Worksheets for all grades

Looking for video lessons that will help you in your Common Core Algebra 2 math classwork or homework?

Looking for Common Core Math Worksheets and Lesson Plans that will help you prepare lessons for Algebra 2 students?

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The following lesson plans and worksheets are from the New York State Education Department Common Core-aligned educational resources. Eureka/EngageNY Math Algebra 2 Worksheets.

These Lesson Plans and Worksheets are divided into five modules.

Algebra 2 Homework, Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Topics and Objectives (Module 1)
Polynomial, Rational, and Radical Relationships

Module 1 Overview

Topic A Overview

Lesson 1: Successive Differences in Polynomials (Video Lesson)

Lesson 2: The Multiplication of Polynomials (Video Lesson)

Lesson 3: The Division of Polynomials (Video Lesson)

Lesson 4: Comparing Methods—Long Division, Again? (Video Lesson)

Lesson 5: Putting It All Together (Video Lesson)

Lesson 6: Dividing by 𝒙 − 𝒂 and by 𝒙 + 𝒂 (Video Lesson)

Lesson 7: Mental Math (Video Lesson)

Lesson 8: The Power of Algebra—Finding Primes (Video Lesson)

Lesson 9: Radicals and Conjugates (Video Lesson)

Lesson 10: The Power of Algebra—Finding Pythagorean Triples (Video Lesson)

Lesson 11: The Special Role of Zero in Factoring (Video Lesson)

Factoring—Its Use and Its Obstacles

Topic B Overview

Lesson 12: Overcoming Obstacles in Factoring (Video Lesson)

Lesson 13: Mastering Factoring (Video Lesson)

Lesson 14: Graphing Factored Polynomials (Video Lesson)

Lesson 15: Structure in Graphs of Polynomial Functions (Video Lesson)

Lesson 16: Modeling with Polynomials—An Introduction (Video Lesson)

Lesson 17: Modeling with Polynomials—An Introduction (Video Lesson)

Lesson 18: Overcoming a Second Obstacle in Factoring—What If There Is a Remainder? (Video Lesson)

Lesson 19: The Remainder Theorem (Video Lesson)

Lesson 20: Modeling Riverbeds with Polynomials (Video Lesson)

Lesson 21: Modeling Riverbeds with Polynomials (Video Lesson)

Solving and Applying Equations—Polynomial, Rational, and Radical

Topic C Overview

Lesson 22: Equivalent Rational Expressions (Video Lesson)

Lesson 23: Comparing Rational Expressions (Video Lesson)

Lesson 24: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions (Video Lesson)

Lesson 25: Adding and Subtracting Rational Expression (Video Lesson)

Lesson 26: Solving Rational Equations: Solving Rational Equations (Video Lesson)

Lesson 27: Word Problems Leading to Rational Equations (Video Lesson)

Lesson 28: A Focus on Square Roots (Video Lesson)

Lesson 29: Solving Radical Equations (Video Lesson)

Lesson 30: Linear Systems in Three Variables (Video Lesson)

Lesson 31: Systems of Equations (Video Lesson)

Lesson 32: Graphing Systems of Equations (Video Lesson)

Lesson 33: The Definition of a Parabola (Video Lesson)

Lesson 34: Are All Parabolas Congruent? (Video Lesson)

Lesson 35: Are All Parabolas Similar? (Video Lesson)

A Surprise from Geometry—Complex Numbers Overcome All Obstacles

Topic D Overview

Lesson 36: Overcoming a Third Obstacle to Factoring—What If There Are No Real Number Solutions? (Video Lesson)

Lesson 37: A Surprising Boost from Geometry (Video Lesson)

Lesson 38: Complex Numbers as Solutions to Equations (Video Lesson)

Lesson 39: Factoring Extended to the Complex Realm (Video Lesson)

Lesson 40: Obstacles Resolved—A Surprising Result (Video Lesson)

Topics and Objectives (Module 2)
The Story of Trigonometry and Its Contexts

Module 2 Overview

Topic A Overview

Lesson 1: Ferris Wheels—Tracking the Height of a Passenger Car (Video Lesson)

Lesson 2: The Height and Co-Height Functions of a Ferris Wheel (Video Lesson)

Lesson 3: The Motion of the Moon, Sun, and Stars—Motivating Mathematics (Video Lesson)

Lesson 4: From Circle-ometry to Trigonometry (Video Lesson)

Lesson 5: Extending the Domain of Sine and Cosine to All Real Numbers

Lesson 6: Why Call It Tangent?

Lesson 7: Secant and the Co-Functions

Lesson 8: Graphing the Sine and Cosine Functions

Lesson 9: Awkward! Who Chose the Number 360, Anyway?

Lesson 10: Basic Trigonometric Identities from Graphs

Understanding Trigonometric Functions and Putting Them to Use

Topic B Overview

Lesson 11: Transforming the Graph of the Sine Function

Lesson 12: Ferris Wheels—Using Trigonometric Functions to Model Cyclical Behavior

Lesson 13: Tides, Sound Waves, and Stock Markets

Lesson 14: Graphing the Tangent Function

Lesson 15: What Is a Trigonometric Identity?

Lesson 16: Proving Trigonometric Identities

Lesson 17: Trigonometric Identity Proofs

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