Biuret Test, Benedict Test and Indophenol Test

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Videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology. Biuret test to test for proteins. Benedict Test for Reducing Sugars and Non-Reducing Sugars and Indophenol Test for Vitamin C.

Biuret Test for Proteins
Demonstration of the biuret test for proteins.
A color change of blue to purple is a positive result to show that protein is present.

Benedict Test for Reducing Sugars
Test detecting the presence of glucose (a reducing sugar). An orange/brick-red color is a positive result to show that glucose is present.

Benedict Test for Non-Reducing Sugars
The acid is used to breakdown the sucrose (a non-reducing sugar) into glucose (a reducing sugar) and you add the sodium hydroxide to neutralise the acid.
Then we use the Benedict Test for reducing sugar.

Indophenol Test for Vitamin C
Indophenol is an indicator that turns colorless in the presence of vitamin C. The fewer drops of juice you need for the color change, the higher the vitamin C content in the juice

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