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Starch Test and Lipids Test

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Examples, solutions, videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology: Iodine Test for Starch, Test for Starch in Leaf, Alcohol Emulsion Test for Lipids (Fats and Oils).

Iodine Test for Starch
Iodine is used.
A deep dark-blue color indicates the presence of starch.
Test for starch in leaf
Step 1: Leaf is boiled in water to break down the cell walls.
Step 2: Leaf is boiled in alcohol to remove the chlorophyll.
Step 3: Leaf is dipped into the hot water to soften it.
Step 4: Leaf is placed on white tile and iodine solution is added.

Alcohol Emulsion Test: Lipids (Fats and Oils) Test
Step 1: Ethanol is added and the mixture is gently shaken.
Step 2: If a lipid is present, a milky-white emulsion is formed.

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