AP Biology

Here, we have a collection of videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology.



Mendelian Genetics
Chapter 9a podcast on Mendelian Inheritance. Mendel's Laws of Inheritance are included. Important terms such as genotype, phenotype, heterozygous, homozygous, hybrid, allele, and gene are included.



Chromosomal Inheritance
Chapter 9b podcast on chromosomal inheritance. Includes the work of Thomas Hunt Morgan.



Molecular Biology of the Gene
Chapter 10 Podcast. Details the structure and function of DNA. Also includes a discussion of transcription and translation.



The Central Dogma: Transcription and Translation
Mr. Andersen explains the Central Dogma of biology. He shows how DNA is transcribed to form mRNA and how mRNA is translated into a protein.


DNA: Transcription and Translation
Mr. Andersen explains how DNA is converted to mRNA and finally to proteins. The processes of both transcription and translation are included.




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