AP Biology Labs

Videos and experiments that are suitable for Biology.

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AP Biology Lab
More Lessons for Biology

AP Biology Lab 8: Population Genetics
Mr. Andersen explains Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and describes the bead lab.

AP Biology Lab 9: Transpiration
Mr. Andersen describes the process of transpiration. A brief description of the potometer (transpirometer) experiment is also included.

AP Biology Lab 10: Physiology of the Circulatory System
Mr. Andersen describes the use of a sphygmomonometer to measure blood pressure. He also details the use of an ectotherm in the circulatory system lab.

AP Biology Lab 11: Animal Behavior
Mr. Andersen describes the courtship of drosophila and explains the isopod lab. A brief discussion of chi-squared analysis is also included.

AP Biology Lab 12: Dissolved Oxygen
Mr. Andersen demonstrates the azide-winkler method of dissolved oxygen analysis

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