Biology Required Practicals

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Biology Experiments (Required Practicals)

Investigate biological specimens using microscopes, including magnification calculations and labelled scientific drawings from observations.

Investigate the effect of Osmosis on plant tissue.

Quadrat Sampling
How to estimate population size using random sampling with a quadrat? Observe changes in population along a transect.

Investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis.

Plant Responses
Investigate the effect of light or gravity on the growth of germinating seeds.

Culturing Microorganisms
Investigate the effects of antiseptics, antibiotics or plant extracts on microbial cultures.

Food Tests
Investigate the use of chemical reagents to identify starch, reducing sugars, proteins and fats.

pH & Enzyme Activity
Investigate the effect of pH on the rate of reaction of amylase enzyme.

Reaction Time: Ruler Drop Test
Use the ruler drop test to determine reaction time.

Decay of Milk
Investigating the effect of temperature on the rate of decay of fresh milk by measuring pH change.

Respiration Rates
Investigate the rate of respiration in living organisms.

More Biology Practicals

How to use a Bunsen Burner
How to light and use a Bunsen Burner?

Measuring Energy in Food
Investigate how much energy different foods contain.

Photosynthesis Experiments
Investigate the conditions necessary for photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide, Light and Chlorophyll.

Biology Dissections

Lung Dissection
Examine and dissect a pair of lungs to gain a greater understanding of the structure of the lung, the texture and the way it connects and works in relationship to the heart.

Heart Dissection
Dissect a heart to practically investigate the general structure of the heart and get a better understanding of the way the various blood vessels, valves, muscles and tendons come together and help make the heart function

Eye Dissection
Dissect an eye to practically investigate the general structure of the eye.

Kidney Dissection
Examine and dissect a kidney to gain a greater understanding of the structure of the kidney, the texture of the components and the way it connects and works within the body.

Errors in Experiments
Variables in a experiment: independent, dependent, controls
Types of errors: random errors, uncertainty, parallax error, systematic error, zero error

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