Biology Required Practical: Osmosis

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GCSE Biology Required Practical - Osmosis

Investigate the effect of a range of concentrations of salt or sugar solutions on the mass of plant tissue.

Investigate osmosis in potatoes.

  • A known mass of potato must be added to sucrose solution, left for some time, and the final mass recorded to obtain the percentage change in mass.
  • This investigation looks at the exchange of water between the potato and solution and allows the concentration of sucrose in the potato to be determined.
  • The practical provides an opportunity for the appreciation of the need to control variables.

00:00 Preparing potato cylinders
03:17 Adding sucrose solutions
05:15 Obtaining results
09:55 Analysing data

Required Practical: Effects of Osmosis on Plant Tissue

  1. Investigate the effects of osmosis on plant tissue.
  2. How to calculate percentage change?
  3. Discuss what are the expected results and what they mean.

Check out the sample question and solution on Sample Assessment Material (page 23), paper 1BI0/1BH and 1BIO/1BF.

Diffusion, active transport and osmosis can be used to move substances into and out of cells. A student was investigating osmosis in potato cubes.

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