Biology Required Practical: Reaction Time

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GCSE Biology Required Practical - Reaction Time

Plan and carry out an investigation into the effect of a factor on human reaction time.

  • Students should use their weaker hand for the ruler drop test. They should ensure that they have not done any practicing before the start of the experiment but start taking measurements immediately so that the effects of any practicing can be seen.
  • Ruler measurements can be converted to reaction times using the given conversion table.

Investigating whether practice reduces human reaction times.
Messages travel very quickly around your body through the nervous system. This is so that you are able to respond to changes in the environment. The time it takes for you to respond to such a change is called your reaction time.
Athletes spend hours practicing to try to reduce their reaction time in order to improve performance in their particular sport. Responding quicker to the starter’s pistol in a race can gain you the advantage over other runners.
In this investigation you will conduct a simple, measurable experiment called the ruler drop test to determine whether your reaction time can be reduced with practice.

Reaction Time - GCSE Science Required Practical
How to test your reaction time using the ruler drop test?

Required Practical: Reaction Time
How to carry out the required practical on measuring reaction time?
Describe how to measure a person’s reaction time.

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