Biology Required Practical: Microscopy

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GCSE Biology Required Practical - Microscopy

  1. Investigate biological specimens using microscopes, including magnification calculations and labelled scientific drawings from observations.
  2. Use of appropriate apparatus, techniques and magnification, including microscopes to make observations of biological specimens and producing labelled scientific drawings
  • This practical allows students to develop their skills in using a light microscope, preparing slides, and producing labelled scientific drawings.
  • Students need to be familiar with the set-up and use of a light microscope, as well as to be able to identify structures that they see.
  • Magnification calculations will also be required.

How to use a Microscope?
00:00 Parts of the microscope
02:40 Slide & specimen preparation
05:20 Focusing
09:14 Measuring cell size

Required Practical: Microscopes

  1. Explore the different parts of the optical microscope.
  2. How to use an optical microscope to view a prepared slide.
  3. Explore the features of animal and plant cells visible under the optical microscope.
  4. How to draw a magnification scale bar?

Microscope Drawings
How to make a biological drawing from a microscope?

Check out the sample question and solution on Sample Assessment Material (page 9), paper 1BI0/1BH and 1BIO/1BF.

A student wanted to observe dividing cells under a microscope.
The student squashed the root tip of an onion plant on a microscope slide.
Describe how the student should use a light microscope to view the squashed root tip.

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