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Safety in the Lab

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Laboratory Rules
Entering and leaving the lab
Keep pathways clear by placing extra items (books, bags, etc.) on the shelves or under the work tables.
Leave your work station clean and in good order before leaving the laboratory.

General Behaviour
Do not run in the laboratory.
Do not eat or drink in the lab.
Work quietly. Pay close attention to any cautions described in the laboratory exercises.
Do not lean, hang over or sit on the laboratory tables.

Preparing to do practical work
Long hair must be tied back to avoid catching fire.
Wear lab coats - buttoned up.
Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes when heating substances, dissecting, etc.

During experiments
Report all accidents, injuries, and breakage of glass or equipment to instructor immediately.
Do not taste or smell chemicals.
Never point a test tube being heated at another student or yourself.
Never look into a test tube while you are heating it.
Unauthorized experiments or procedures must not be attempted.

Safety in the Lab

Common Lab Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Health and Safety Essentials: Laboratory Best Practices
Some of the most important general rules for working safely in the laboratory.
Lab Techniques & Safety
Some important points about the practical side of chemistry - experimentation in the laboratory.
Learn what to wear in the lab, how to dispose of chemicals safely, how to avoid the most common accidents, how to pour solutions properly, what the HazMat diamond means, what an MSDS is, and how to use a fume hood.

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