Singular Matrix - A Matrix With No Inverse

In these lessons we learn what a singular matrix is and how to tell when a matrix is singular.

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A singular matrix is a matrix has no inverse. A matrix has no inverse if and only if its determinant is 0.

Singular Matrices

When and why you can’t invert a matrix.

Invertible Square Matrices And Determinants

In order to determine if a matrix is an invertible square matrix, or a square matrix with an inverse, we can use determinants. The only matrix with a non-zero determinant is an invertible square matrix. An invertible square matrix represents a system of equations with a regular solution, and a non-invertible square matrix can represent a system of equations with no or infinite solutions.

This lesson will explain the concept of a “singular” matrix, and then show you how to quickly determine whether a 2&times2 matrix is singular

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