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Representing data with matrices

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We will now look at an example of how matrices may be used to represent information.

Example :

A store sells large and small sizes of blue shirts and yellow shirts. The selling price of either shirt is $x for a large size and $y for a small size. The table shows the number of shirts sold in a day.



blue shirt



yellow shirt



The total income from the sale of the blue shirt was $84 and from the yellow shirt was $104.


a) Write down an equation connecting A, B and C

b) Find A-1

c) Calculate A -1C

d) Explain the significance of your answer to part (c)


a) AB = C

b) Determinant = (5 × 4) – (3 × 6) = 2


d) The answers in part (c) are the answers for the matrix B.

So, cost of large size shirt (x) = $12

cost of small size shirt (y) = $8

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