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Printable “Shapes” Worksheets for Kindergarten:
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Drawing 2D Shapes

Drawing Shapes Worksheets

Teaching kindergarten students to draw shapes is an exciting and hands-on activity.

  1. Provide tracing worksheets with outlines of different shapes. Have students trace the shapes and then color them in.
  2. Use building blocks or craft sticks to construct different shapes. This tactile activity helps reinforce the spatial understanding of shapes.
  3. Provide rows of shapes on the worksheet. Include a selection of circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, and ovals. Ask the students to match each shape to its corresponding name or image.
  4. Introduce coloring activities within shapes. Include shapes for coloring, and label each shape with its name.
  5. Guide the students to trace the shapes and then try drawing the shapes independently.

Drawing and exploring shapes in various ways contribute to the development of spatial awareness and foundational math skills in kindergarten.

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Drawing Shapes worksheet for kindergarten

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