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Divide Shapes Worksheets

Dividing a shape into parts refers to breaking a shape into smaller sections or components. This concept is foundational in understanding fractions and can also be a precursor to more advanced geometry concepts. Here are some ways to introduce and explore dividing shapes into parts for grade 1:

  1. Introduction to Halves:
    Activity: Begin by introducing the concept of halves. Use simple shapes like circles, squares, or rectangles.
    Example: Take a square and demonstrate cutting it in half to create two equal parts.
  2. Introduction to Fourths:
    Activity: Progress to dividing shapes into four equal parts (quarters).
    Example: Take a circle and show how it can be divided into four equal sections.
  3. Using Visual Aids:
    Activity: Use visual aids such as drawings, diagrams, or even physical cutouts of shapes to illustrate division into parts.
    Example: Show a triangle divided into three equal parts.
  4. Hands-On Manipulation:
    Activity: Allow students to physically manipulate shapes by cutting or folding them.
    Example: Provide squares of paper and guide students in folding them to create halves and quarters.
  5. Fraction Terminology:
    Activity: Introduce basic fraction terminology, such as “half” and “quarter,” to help students express the parts.
    Example: When dividing a circle into two equal parts, explain that each part is a “half.”

Introducing the concept of dividing shapes into parts in grade 1 sets the stage for understanding fractions and more advanced geometry concepts in later grades. By combining visual aids, hands-on activities, and collaborative exploration, students can develop a solid understanding of how shapes can be divided into equal parts.

Have a look at this video, if you need to review how to divide shapes into halves and quarters.

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Divide Shapes worksheet for first grade

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