Divide Fractions by Fractions Worksheet

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Divide Fractions by Fractions
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Free printable and online worksheets to help Grade 6 students practice dividing fractions by fractions.
There are also some worksheets and dividing fraction word problems for online practice.

How to divide a fraction by a fraction?

Steps to divide a fraction by a fraction:

  1. Keep the first fraction as it is.
  2. Flip the second fraction by swapping the numerator and the denominator.
  3. Cancel any common factors in the numerators and denominators.
  4. Multiply the numerators together to get the new numerator, and multiply the denominators together to get the new denominator.
  5. Simplify the resulting fraction.

For example:
Divide 2/3 by 1/4.
Keep the first fraction as it is: 2/3.
Flip the second fraction: 1/4 becomes 4/1.
Multiply the first fraction by the flipped second fraction:
(2/3) × (4/1) = (2 × 4) / (3 × 1) = 8/3.
Simplify the fraction: we can rewrite 8/3 as the mixed number 2 2/3.
So, dividing 2/3 by 1/4 results in 2 2/3.

For example:
divide a fraction by a fraction

Have a look at this video if you need to review how to divide a fraction by a fraction.

Click on the following worksheet to get a printable pdf document.
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Divide Fraction by Fraction Worksheet

More Divide Fraction by Fraction Worksheets

(Answers on the second page.)
Divide Fraction by Fraction Worksheet
Divide Fraction by Fraction Worksheet (Invert & multiply to divide)

Divide Fraction by Fraction

Divide Fractions Word Problems

  1. A rectangular field is divided into 3/4 sections. If one section has an area of 1/6 square miles, what is the total area of the field?
  2. A cyclist travels 1/2 of a mile per minute. Another cyclists travels at a speed of 1/3 of a mile per minute. How many times faster is the first cyclist compared to the second cyclist?
  3. Tom needs 1/4 of a cup of sugar for a recipe. However, he has 2/3 of a cup of sugar left. How many times can he complete the recipe?

Lesson on dividing fractions by fractions

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