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Printable “Mental Addition” worksheets:
Addition Fluency (eg. 11 + 7)
Make 10 strategy (eg. 67 + 4)
Compensation Addition (eg. 98 + 79)
Arrow Addition (eg. 450 + 360)
Make 100 Strategy (eg. 440 + 280)

Add 3 numbers (make 10) (eg. 5 + 3 + 5)
Add 3 single digit numbers (eg. 4 + 7 + 8)

Addition Fluency Worksheets

Second Grade math worksheets to help students increase their addition fluency.
Addition fluency involves the ability to add numbers quickly and accurately, often without using paper and pencil. It’s a crucial skill for success in math at all levels, as it builds a strong foundation for more complex operations like multiplication and division.

Here are some tips to improve your addition fluency:

  1. Memorize basic facts: Focus on mastering addition facts up to 10 + 10, as these are used frequently and form the foundation for other calculations.
  2. Commutativity: Remember that the order of numbers doesn’t matter in addition (e.g., 4 + 3 is the same as 3 + 4). Utilize this to rearrange numbers for easier mental math.
  3. Making 10: Look for opportunities to “make 10” with one number and a part of the other, then add the remaining digits easily.
  4. Rounding: Estimate the sum by rounding each number to the nearest ten and then adjust the answer slightly. Visualize and Manipulate:

Engage in regular practice with flashcards, worksheets, or online games that focus on basic addition facts.

Click on the following worksheet to get a printable pdf document.
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Addition Fluency for Second Grade

More Addition Fluency Worksheets

(Answers on the second page)
Addition Fluency Worksheet #1
Addition Fluency Worksheet #2

Adding to 10 (10 + 6 = __)
Fact Family 10 (Add & Subtract) (eg. 10 - 4)
Fact Family within 20 (eg. 15 - 8)

1-digit + 1-digit (eg. 6 + 8)
Sums across 10 (1-digit + 1-digit)
Addition across 10 (2-digit + 1-digit)
Mental Math Addition (2-digit addends)

Add 3 numbers (make 10) (eg. 5 + 3 + 5)
Add 3 single digit numbers (eg. 4 + 7 + 8)

More Printable Worksheets

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