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Add Whole Tens Worksheets

In these First Grade math worksheets, students practice adding whole tens (or multiple of tens). There are 2 addends which are not more than 100. Students can use pictures (base ten blocks) to do that, or they work with the number of tens the same way as adding single-digit numbers. For example, 60 + 20 becomes 6 tens + 2 tens, which is 8 tens. (60 + 20 = 80)

Have a look at this video if you need to learn how to quickly add tens and subtract tens using a shortcut.

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Add Whole Tens Worksheet for First Grade

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Add Whole Tens Worksheet #1
(Answers on the second page.)
Add Whole Tens Worksheet #2
(Answers on the second page.)

Add Whole Tens Worksheet #1 (Interactive)
Add Whole Tens Worksheet #2 (Interactive)

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